Our values

Equality, respect, freedom and co-existence are some of the values that inspire our educational project. We believe in equal rights, duties and opportunities for all; in solidarity and responsibility; in commitment, effort and rigor; in personal honesty and austerity.

We believe in democracy, the culture of peace and co-existence; in Human Rights and the Rights of the Child. We believe in respect for people, their diversity and different personal choices; respect for the environment, authority and property. We also respect freedom of thought, conscience and religion. We believe in a gender-fair education and non-denominational education, while recognising the importance of religion. We believe in initiative, innovation, creativity; in joy and freedom.

Encouraging the integral development of students as people; through the school´s vehicular languages of English, Catalan and Spanish; helping students reach a high level in Chinese, and applying new learning and knowledge technologies to optimise the learning process, are the commitments we make to the families who entrust us with educating their children. Families who wish to give their children a quality and excellence-oriented education, and the possibility of being accepted by the best national and international universities.