Thank you for your interest in the Socrates Educa® International School. In this section, we will provide all the information you need to enrol your children.

We are aware that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family can take, so we invite you, parents, to visit the school to see, first hand, everything that your children can enjoy while attending the Socrates Educa International School. We will discuss the educational model, academic aspects, but also, and above all, school life, and we will give you a guided tour of the school to help give you an idea of the physical, emotional and educational environment where everything must come together to offer the best education, ensuring the happiness of your children.

To do this, we hold presentation days as well as open days. For parents living abroad who are unable to visit, or in times of lockdown and mobility restrictions, we offer the opportunity to conduct virtual interviews and personalised visits.

To request an appointment, please call the Secretary on (+34 977 325 620) or e-mail us at:

Following the information session, and after having filled out a short questionnaire, the admission process begins. You will now be able to enroll. To this end, we will share and list all the signed documentation that you need to submit. Admission becomes effective once approved by the Enrolment Committee.

The registration process is open all year round, from P1 to BAT/IB.

You can also fill out the following form to request a visit/interview.

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Contact us:

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