The classroom, space to grow

The Socrates Educa® International School’s educational model comes to life in spaces and buildings that foster diverse and creative teaching. The architecture creates a dynamic and intimate, functional and welcoming environment. The Forum space, around which the classroom and services are laid out, is a meeting point for students, teachers and families. Furthermore, there are spaces for sports, music and technology, laboratories and workshops. The well soundproofed and ventilated classrooms are extremely bright, while their large windows enable them to take in the natural environment.

The entire school is designed as an educational space, so the design of classrooms, corridors, inner courtyards or sports areas, meeting points and gardens, allow for flexible and varied teaching throughout the school year, while also taking advantage of the region´s good weather.

The Socrates Educa® International School is a pioneering school in the innovative and efficient use of learning and knowledge technologies. We see new technologies, robotics and computer programming as tools that enable learning more quickly and effectively, while developing the ability to think. This is evident in the classrooms, which have cutting-edge technological equipment and teaching staff who make the most of it.