The school acts as a pedagogical and social benchmark for the Socrates Educa® International School community and for society in general.

We hold many events for our community, which are also open to the region, students, families as well as teachers from other schools.


We hold annual pedagogical workshops to foster debate and the exchange of good educational ideas and practices with lecturers and teachers from all over, with a view to creating a meeting point and foster debate on school-related issues.

Every two years, we hold the Josep M. Bach International Education award, which awards and recognises projects that have had a clear, international, social and educational impact.

Prize winners:

1st edition: Teach for All -


Academic orientation is one of the school´s most significant tasks to help students choose the career path that best suits them. Therefore, as part of our academic guidance programme, throughout school life, students will attend numerous talks and go on excursions to help them think about and plan what the future holds in store for them.

Every year, the Socrates Educa® International School holds a university fair to cultivate curiosity; it is a wonderful opportunity to meet representatives from universities from all over, and get answers to all their questions about university admissions, course content, study options and more.

In parallel, an orientation week is held, during which lecturers, experts in different disciplines, and entrepreneurs come to the school in a week packed with talks on the wide range of options and career paths available to them, helping them obtain an insight into what education, studies and professional profiles are behind each case.

Another important factor in the orientation process are the members of the alumni association, who, now attending universities around the world and working in diverse fields, give current students an insight into the world of university and employment, as well as the challenges that lie ahead, based on their own experience. 


The Socrates Educa Foundation holds a special annual event to present its social and educational initiatives, as well as to personally thank all the collaborators and donors for their participation during the previous school year.

On Patronage Night, prizes and scholarships are awarded, which the Foundation endows with its own funds or with donations from donors to recognise entrepreneurship, hard work, talent and the constructive and team spirit of students and teaching staff. In total, more than 7 awards given out to students and teachers, as well as a significant number of grants in the form of scholarships for those who may need it most.

It is a night to celebrate, to meet other families, patrons, school professionals, award-winning students and winners from previous editions, as well as managers of collaborating companies, institutions and renowned regional representatives, all coming together to thank donors and raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarships, awards and grants