Dining Hall

Nutrition is a key factor in the lives of children and young people as it has a direct impact on performance on learning. At Socrates Educa® international School, we ensure that our students have access to a healthy, varied, balanced and high-quality diet. Not only do we foster acquiring healthy habits, including consuming fruit and vegetables, we also see the Dining Hall as a space for socialisation and culture.

The school has a modern on-site kitchen and several dining rooms: for the little ones and for the older ones, with two projects adapted to the different age groups as well as their needs.

As well as lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are offered. Services can be contracted on a per month or per day basis. Individual monitoring is carried out if there are special needs and we also offer special menus adapted to students´ needs, such as a gluten-free menu, a vegetarian menu, etc.

We strongly encourage families to learn about the school Dining Hall project, with presentations from our dietitian and nutritionist, the team of supervisors and the expert team who run the kitchen. Moreover, just as in other areas of school and in the different subjects, reports and assessments are sent to families about students´ use, behaviour and habits in the Dining Hall. The nursery school sends a daily report to parents to ensure that they are aware of what their children have eaten. Periodic reports are sent during primary school, ESO and Baccalaureate, and the end-of-term report also contains comments regarding the behaviour and habits observed in the canteen, an aspect which the Socrates Educa® international School gives great importance to.