Online School

The online programmes allow students and their families to receive high-quality education online or in a hybrid format from anywhere in the world and regardless of the student's lifestyle. In both cases, there is the option to enjoy our residential service (boarding).

Our academic programme ensures the overall development of the student, is interactive, with personalised tracking and guidance, immersive and engaging, available to students worldwide, certified by the American education system, and recognised in most countries. 

The student and their family receive constant support and personalized attention to address doubts, receive advice, guidance, both in academic and personal and social aspects. Additionally, through the Boarding School programme, the student can live in an academic and attractive environment and enjoy in-person educational services and enrichment workshops at our school facilities. 

The online programme can be: 

• 100% online with the support and guidance of a school tutor. 

• 75% online, 25% in-person with the support and guidance of a school tutor.

• American Dual Diploma: Blended academic programme (in person and online)