Extracurricular Service

During the school year, infants (from P3) and young people from the Sòcrates Educa® community can enjoy and learn thanks to a wide range of regular extra curricular activities (AE) during midday and/or after school hours.


The activities are organised by different categories which we call “Schools”, School of Languages, School of Sports, Music School, School of Art, STEAM School and other diverse topics outside the academic sphere but which help children to acquire other skills (circus, magic, looking after pets...).


The AE service also organizes specific activities at the arrival of any student and manages the Language School and sports for adults.


Characteristics of the service:

-       Activities for participants from 3 to 18 years old (also families and external students)

-       Midday and/or after school timetables

-       Termly registration and payment

-    AE are also offered for families and students external to the School