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We invite you to get to know the school staff, its most important and valuable asset.

The talent, commitment and genuine motivation of everyone and, in particular, the teaching staff are essential in transmitting respect for values, passion for knowledge and the joy of learning to students. Our teachers are highly qualified and specialised, with proven experience. English is the common language used by teachers from different countries, with different cultures and accents, who share the desire to be part of a new educational project as advanced as it is inclusive.

Management and coordination

Jonathan Day

EIC Headteacher

I have worked and taught in the UK, France, Germany and Spain and I have extensive experience in education and management, and I firmly believe that education is as important outside the classroom as it is inside the classroom. My first degree was at Oxford University and I trained as a teacher at the University of York. I was also a Governor at the National Centre for Languages ​​and was Regional Manager of the Comenius network in the south-east of England. For many years, I have fostered and stimulated exchanges and meetings between young people from around the world. The EIC is the perfect place to bring together education and intercultural learning in a modern school.

Hermínia Martí

Deputy Head / Head of Pre School and Primary

I specialise in school management as well as being certified to manage IB Programmes. I have always been involved in education, whether as a teacher or in managing educational institutions and overseeing projects. I also have business experience, having set up a sports and educational services company. I am Deputy Head of the EIC, responsible for leading and ensuring the correct implementation of the Sòcrates Educa educational project.

Cristina García

Deputy Head / Head of Secondary / Responsible of high school

I am graduate in Hispanic Philology and have extensive teaching experience in the UK, including the IB. My professional career has always been linked to aspects of improving and developing the learning of secondary school students. I enjoy working with international educational teams and environments.

Neus Roig

Secondary teacher, high school and head of high school

I am passionate about history, art and my profession. I am specialised in museology and cultural heritage management. I have always worked in education and in different international settings and schools.

Anna Margalef

ESO Coordinator

I have been part of the EIC project for many years. I have an English degree and have lived in Dublin. I´m passionate about all things language related. I work with secondary school students, helping and supporting them through a key time in their lives.

Elliot Hsiao-Williams

Responsible for the languages ​​project

I am Taiwanese and British. I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish. I was Head of Department for many years, supporting the teaching of Mandarin in various schools in London. I enjoy teaching my language, customs and culture to secondary school and BAT & IB students at the EIC.

Marc Ferré

Primary and pre school coordinator

I have been a teacher for many years and am Primary Coordinator. I undertook part of my studies at the University of York. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to lead a team of professionals with different nationalities, international experience and with diverse educational approaches.

Cecilia Albo

Primary Coordinator

Teaching is my vocation: children and education are my passion. I have worked in Ireland and Germany; I am familiar with Irish, German, British and Spanish curriculums. At the EIC, I have the opportunity to share and develop the science project with primary school children.

Meritxell Serra

Pre School Coordinator, upper cycle

I have been part of the EIC’s educational project since day one; I’ve seen it grow and it gives me great satisfaction to be an active part of its evolution. I have always worked in the field of early childhood education and, in the past, I helped launch the Cambrils Montessori Infant School, where I worked for 10 years. It is extremely rewarding to see how children change, develop and grow as people in an exciting project such as the  EIC, where educating children from P1 to P5, is at the heart of what we do.

Anna Schillacci

Pre School coordinator, initial cycle

I have dual American and Spanish nationality. I worked for some time in Florida and delved into the Montessori methodology. I have been helping to grow the EIC’s educational project for many years, always with the little ones.

Ángeles Martos

Special Needs (ADEPP) Coordinator

I am Special Needs Coordinator and a nursery school teacher.  I manage a team of specialists who provide learning support to all areas of the school. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to lead this project in a school which is committed to inclusion and providing personalised support.


Laia Aznar

Pre School Teacher

I have always worked in early childhood education. I studied in the UK, a unique experience on a professional and personal level. I love the English language and I really enjoy the language immersion which the school provides.

Priscilla Baidoo

Pre School Support Teacher

Jasmina Bergada

Pre School Teacher

I am Spanish and my mother is British. I speak English, Spanish and Catalan and work with the team of Pre School teachers, particularly with creative and innovative activities across the school. I love teaching as well as sharing my knowledge of English.

Magda Brull

Pre School Teacher

I have lived in the UK and have always worked in education with children. I enjoy participating in pre school life and fostering creative and dynamic activities for children; it’s a joy to watch them learn and grow.

Anna Clarke

Pre School Support Teacher

Elizabeth Dobbins

Pre School Support Teacher

I am American, from Florida. I also speak Spanish, Catalan and French, and some German. I previously studied in France. I love working with children at the EIC.

Lynne Hayes

Pre School Teacher

Katie Lea

Pre School Teacher

I am English and I previously worked at an international school in Kuwait. I enjoy setting students new challenges and doing creative activities and crafts. I really enjoy discovering new places.

Patricia Miró

Pre School Support Teacher

Montserrat Mundó

Pre School Support Teacher

I was born in Venezuela, where I taught English and Photography. I also lived for some time in New York. I love working with the little ones and helping them in their day-to-day life.

Angela Platt

Pre School Teacher

Laia Serra

Pre School Support and primary teacher

I have always been involved in education, working with children. I have lived in Ireland and the UK and love art and photography.

Julie Smith

Pre School Support Teacher

I am British, I love working with children and supporting the entire EIC Pre School team. I also help and participate in the school’s summer programmes.

Laia Solé

Pre School Teacher

I have lived in France and Ireland, an experience which helped me grow professionally and personally. Before joining the EIC, I had already worked in other nursery schools, but the uniqueness of this project really appeals to me, giving me the opportunity to work in an international environment with immersion in the English language.

Agustina Loureiro

Pre school Support Teacher


Artur S. Bosch

Primary Teacher

I am a Primary specialist and I like to deliver highly dynamic and interactive classes, and to use ICT in learning activities. I lived for some time in Hungary. I love video games and painting miniatures.

Martha Casal

Primary Teacher. Leader science

My native languages are English and Spanish, and I also speak French and Catalan, Portuguese and a little German. I love working in international settings. I am a primary teacher with experience in other schools as an English teacher and I like to foster creativity.

Arturo Castro

Primary and secondary Teacher

I have lived and worked as a Primary teacher in the UK, mainly as a Physical Education Coordinator. I love education, sport and the values that are passed on through sport. I have always played football and competed in the Spanish Futsal Third Division.

Pilar Chávez

Primary Teacher and leader of maths

I have extensive professional experience as a primary teacher in international schools. I have lived and worked in Sweden and Singapore. I am extremely fond of travelling and learning about other cultures. It is enriching and satisfying to work at the EIC, a multicultural and international project.

Lewis Bush

Primary Teacher

Siyuan Cheng

Primary teacher - Chinese

Noé Fores

Music specialist (Pre school and Primary)

I have taught Music in a number of different schools. I´m lucky to be able to teach what I'm most passionate about, music. I enjoy delivering creative classes, using body percussion in the classroom and other innovative tools which spark children’s interest in music.

Maite García

Primary Teacher

I have worked almost exclusively at the EIC, which I joined right at the beginning of the project. I have lived in Ireland and speak fluent English, a language I love and which I speak at school on a daily basis. I enjoy watching my students grow and supporting them at key moments in their development as people.

Lydia Gimeno

Primary Teacher and leader of language

I have lived in Brighton, working as a primary teacher, supporting children with diverse needs. I am passionate about yoga and meditation, and I play the ukulele.

Natalia Linares

Primary Teacher

I am a Primary teacher, and I am a Mathematics specialist. I have lived in Oxford and London, and I love being able to teach in English and work with a diversity of cultures and nationalities.

María Mascaró

Specialist in the Psychopedagogical Development Area (ADEPP)

I am a Special Needs teacher, working with individuals and small groups in Primary; I love helping them grow. I lived in London for a time,  a highly enriching personal and professional experience.

María Morales

Primary Teacher and initial cycle leader

I have lived and worked as a teacher in international environments such as the UK and Australia, a highly enriching experience on both a personal and professional level. I love being able to help and support students and contribute to their growth and development.

Christina Pablo

Primary Teacher

I was born into an international family. I grew up in the United States with two languages, cultures and passports: American and Spanish. I have taught in schools in Japan, England and Spain. The diversity of curricula enriches me and I am firmly committed to improving teaching methodologies. Education and children are my passion, and my specialty is languages.

Elena Petrova

Specialist in the Psychopedagogical Development Area (ADEPP)

I work with the Special Needs Department to help new students adapt and integrate. I am Russian and I also speak, English, Spanish, French and Japanese. I have lived and worked in Africa, the United States, Switzerland and Japan.

Carles Costa

Primary Teacher

Lewis Bush

Primary Teacher

Kimberley Neal

Primary Teacher and leader of mid cycle

I am British and have worked as a primary school teacher at a school near Manchester for many years. I have spent my entire career working in primary education. I enjoy working with children at this stage, to help them learn and become better people.

Secondary and Baccalaureate

César Díez

Art teacher

I am a painter and I lived in Maastricht (Netherlands), where I finished my art degree. I love what I do; art is my passion and I like being able to nurture my students´ talents, artistic expression in its broadest sense.

María Ester

Specialist in the Psychopedagogical Development Area (ADEPP)

I teach and support new arrivals in the secondary school “Welcome Room”. I have lived in Nice and speak fluent English, Spanish and Catalan, and I am actively learning French. Managing the diversity of languages is my day-to-day challenge to help new students and those with special needs, academically, emotionally and socially.

Grahame Evans

Secondary teacher - English

I am British, but I have lived in Catalonia for many years. I am trilingual: I speak English, Spanish and Catalan. I have extensive experience in teaching, I worked as a lecturer at the University of Lleida for many years, where I taught English. I joined the EIC educational project because of its uniqueness and international educational environment.

Manel Franquet

Secondary teacher - Mathematics

My specialty is Mathematics, but I also teach Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy to older students. I oversee and coordinate the management of secondary school data in Alexia, the communication platform between parents, teachers and students.

Maria Yago

Secondary teacher, specialty in biology

Alba Torres

Secondary teacher, specialty in science and maths

Màrius Folch

Secondary teacher, specialized in Spanish language and literature

Aaron Lozano

Secondary teacher, specialized in technology

Kattrhyn Hackett

Secondary teacher, specialized in English language

Casandra Cole

Secondary teacher, specialized in English language

Pau Packard

Secondary teacher, specialized in English language and science

Angel Añor

Secondary teacher - Catalan and Spanish Language and Literature

I have lived in Berkeley (California) and Brighton (England). I am specialised in language teaching and, apart from teaching Spanish and Catalan, I am also trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language to international students.

Isabel González

Secondary teacher - Biology

I have lived in Poland and the United Kingdom, where I worked as a Science teacher, which is what I am most passionate about. I enjoy developing meaningful and practical learning. What I most like is spending time with students in the lab, where we can experiment and put the knowledge acquired into practice.

Lynne Malcolm

Secondary teacher - Social Sciences

I am Scottish. English is my native language and I also speak Spanish and Catalan. I teach Social Sciences and accompany new students throughout their immersion and learning of the English language. I love animals.

Zoey Mee

Secondary teacher - English

I am British and have lived in South Africa. I am trilingual: I speak English, Spanish and Catalan. I have extensive experience as an English teacher. I firmly believe that language is learned and lived; I like to nurture active learning and language expression in its broadest sense. I love literature and art.

Conxa Packard

Secondary teacher - Business

I have American nationality. I speak fluent English, Spanish, Catalan, French and have a good level of Italian. I have lived and worked in the education and business industry in Guatemala, France, Italy and Spain. I enjoy explaining economics to my students from a very practical, international and global perspective.

Santiago Schmidt

Secondary teacher - Biology. Leader of science

I am German and Colombian. I speak fluent German, English and Spanish. I am a specialist in Biology and Philosophy of Science. Before joining the EIC, I worked at the German School of Medellín as a Biology and Science teacher. My passion is visiting museums and libraries.

Xavier Tobías

Secondary teacher - Physical Education

I have lived and worked as a Sports Coordinator in schools in London and Saudi Arabia. In Barcelona, where I come from, I have also worked as a teacher in different schools. I like to foster sports and enhance the natural talents of every child.

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