Parent school

We would like parents to become lifelong learning partners throughout the life of a child while attending our school; from the first visit, when they are interested in the Socrates Educa® International School and its educational model, to the tiniest of details and doubts which may arise with regard to all areas of school life, whether academic or personal. 

To do this, families will have an array of opportunities and mechanisms at their disposal to communicate with the school and its community, whether with staff or other families and students.

During the initial monitoring and accompaniment in the day-to-day lives of their children at school, families will routinely be invited to presentation meetings throughout the year, whether at school, cycle or year level. There will also be tutor meetings, where parents will have the chance to talk with tutors and teachers one-to-one.

The support is actively extended to other areas throughout the school year.

Among others, various events are organised:

  • ICT talks
  • Nutrition talks
  • Talks by the school´s Special Needs Support Department
  • Academic guidance talks for young adolescents (ESO and BAT/IB)
  • Talks to support younger students (Pre-school and Primary)
  • Direct and flexible access to teaching staff
  • Termly reviews and tutorials
  • Pedagogical days

Information on how the school is run, operations and services:

  • Welcome to new families
  • School calendar, special days, special weeks, etc.
  • School transport
  • Cafeteria
  • Shop
  • Dining Hall
  • Welcome