Pedagogical project

At Socrates Educa® International School, we have developed our own pedagogical model: Sòcrates Educa®.

One of the fundamental goals of our model is to foster excellence in four key areas: knowledge, know-how, being and co-existing. Other goals are to foster open and independent thinking, creativity, initiative and a culture of effort, along with sports, art and music.

Sòcrates Educa® places the student at the heart of teaching and is the benchmark for our diverse, co-educational and multilingual school. Having our own pedagogical model reinforces our educational work, which consists of preparing students for the challenges of responsibly living, working and being good citizens.

"A teacher should not only impart knowledge, but also give students the tools so they can learn for themselves."

- Sòcrates

Socrates Educa® school has an international education model, adapted to the local territory. Therefore, students (from 1 to 18 years old) can graduate with triple certification: local (Baccalaureate from the Generalitat de Catalunya), international (International Baccalaureate - IB), and American through the Dual Diploma or the online/hybrid academic programme of the US Middle and High Schools.

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