Enrolment is open to all families seeking a comprehensive education for the future of their children, in line with the school´s educational model, values and international vision. 

Languages and adaptation

An important aspect that every student who attends the school must value is their knowledge of languages. Therefore, as part of the admission process, we will evaluate knowledge of the main languages (English, Catalan, Spanish and Chinese), to assess whether adjustments need to be made or an adaptation plan needs to be drawn up.

We are an inclusive school and there is no specific entrance test* at any age. Nevertheless, of course, we will assess how students adapt to the school if new students come from another country or an educational model with a different curriculum to ours, to adapt and to prepare, together with the family and the student him/herself, the most suitable work plan to be succesfully admitted.**

As an inclusive school, we also offer support to students who require special monitoring, so we need to be aware of this in order to carry out an appropriate assessment during the admissions process.

*The school may ask potential students to a test to assess the student´s level of knowledge in different areas.

**The school offers support programmes, a welcome classroom, intensive refresher courses for foreign/new students along with extracurricular support in different fields.

Regulations and uniforms

It is important for families and students alike to be aware of the school´s basic rules and values in order to be able to take them on as their own and fully join school life.

The school has designed comfortable and practical uniforms for students from P1 to 4th year of ESO. It is compulsory and the code for clothing and footwear must be followed. The uniform can be purchased at the school store, which offers personalised on-site assistance.

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