Welcome to the Socrates Educa International School

Welcome to EIC - Jonathan Day

"It gives me great satisfaction to present a school which has developed its own pedagogical system, Sòcrates Educa®, which helps us prepare children to find their way in an ever-changing world, with values to adapt to the new reality of a global and constantly evolving society. Therefore, in addition to the school´s official languages (English, Spanish and Catalan), students learn a fourth language: Chinese. We are a school which integrates new technologies into day-to-day classroom life, but above all, if there is one thing that makes the Socrates Educa® International School stand out, it is that children experience the joy of learning.

Welcome to a school which, thanks to the commitment of all the staff, offers the most comprehensive education a family could want, to help their children to prosper in the future. I invite you to learn more about it."

Welcome to EIC - Jaume Vilella

"The Socrates Educa® International School is the embodiment of the Socrates Educa Foundation´s dream.

The vision was to, build a more just and better society based on what we deem to be most important in its pursuit: educating our young people, our future citizens who will think, communicate, write, invent, create, manufacture, design, and govern, and all this through a collaborative approach. Furthermore, we want them to do so positively, sustainably and fairly, to be autonomous, free and happy. This applies to them, to those around them, and to those who will come after them, while respecting their surroundings and the environment at all times.

On the other hand, we are convinced that a school, wherever there is one that follows the Sòcrates Educa® methodology, can help an entire region to become more attractive, not only for those who already live there, but also for people who may end up there; their investments, projects... The school is quite often the determining factor when it comes to a family or a company choosing that town or region over another to set up home. That´s how important a school is. That´s how important education is.

With this in mind, the Socrates Educa Foundation will continue striving to offer the best possible educational model, our Socrates Educa® methodology, making it accessible to as many students as possible through the ever-present founding principle: Equality on entering, excellence on leaving."

"When the Socrates Educa Foundation set out to create a new, innovative and 21st century school model, it soon became apparent that the challenge would also entail innovating an educational model which would be implemented. Existing models gave us a good starting point, practices and proven pedagogical models from around the world which, without doubt, would go on to play some kind of role. Nevertheless, we were aware that they were not fully in line with the needs of current students, with mindsets and needs that are a world away from those we, their educators, may have had.

Therefore, two complementary solutions were sought:

On the one hand, the school as a physical space where a region builds the educational institution for its young people to attend; well-located, well thought out, built in a way that responds to the set of needs that the educational model has in mind. A coming together of culture and learning.

While on the other hand, with its own pedagogical model, the Sòcrates Educa® methodology, as the cornerstone of the school´s educational model, engine of change, guarantor of the constant innovation that we believe education must offer students, to enable the school to be flexible, open, adaptable to the new challenges and changes that the globalised society to which it belongs will surely ask of it.

Because students, who are at the heart of the school, must receive a stimulating, meaningful, open education; they must get along with one another and share the joy of learning and creativity from all fields of knowledge, joyfully and happily. By being motivated and self-critical, responsible and holding the keys to their future, the seeds of which are sown at school.

To get a taste of this unique educational offer, we invite you to stop by the Socrates Educa® International School and to become part of it, taking advantage of the opportunity that we, together, have made possible. All of this is down to an exceptional team of teachers and professionals, and under the auspices of the Foundation´s Board of Trustees, which I have the honour of chairing, which guarantees the rigor and commitment that every family expects from their children´s school."