Throughout academic life, our goal has been to educate students so that they can make important decisions, with certainty and using their own judgment, to be able to take their lives by the reins with freedom and security.

Year after year, students pass the final BAT or IB exams, being awarded high grades that which have enabled them to enter their universities of their choice.

Nevertheless, to achieve this, it is not just about obtaining good grades; an entire process of guidance, preparation as well as a personal profile is needed in order to meet the entrance requirements of the world´s most demanding universities.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to just be a student with good academic qualifications, neither to be awarded a place at the most prestigious universities nor to succeed once a place has been awarded. To achieve this, a well-balanced academic and personal profile is required, with a wealth of values and proven entrepreneurship, which enable one to valued as a worthwhile member of any community, whether a university or in the world of work.

This is why it gives us great satisfaction when former students, the alumni, give us such positive and spectacular feedback: they feel confident, happy, satisfied with the career path they have chosen and the results they are  achieving all over the world, whether studying or working.

Due to their experience, their profile and their special bond with the school, we maintain a very close relationship with the alumni, inviting them, throughout the school year, to come to workshops to talk to BAT/IB students and assist them in the career orientation process. 

On a yearly basis, we also ask them to give us feedback with a view to looking into whether we can improve any educational aspect, based on their experience on the front line once they have left school.

This document shows the universities around the world where Socrates Educa International School students have chosen to study. You can download it and view the information it contains: Open it in slideshow. If you hover over a logo, you will see which subjects they are studying and how many students are there. If you click on a logo, you will be taken to the website of that university.