Nursery and Preschool

Early childhood education is crucial for their future. At the Socrates Educa® International School, from P1 to P5, children, curious by nature, will have a stimulating flexible and international learning environment, capable of adapting to their needs and rhythms of development. With international teachers and total immersion in English, through project-based learning, children learn with joy and curiosity about what interests them, what challenges them, in their own peer group and in flexible inter-age groups alike.

The English language learning project enables children to learn pre-writing naturally and curiously only in English, with the same ease that he/she would have in his/her native language.

Learning activities foster the child´s overall development through logical mathematical and scientific, psychomotor, communicative, artistic activities, etc.

We are an active school which promotes a lively and diverse school year, with countless opportunities for learning and development during themed weeks, such as Grandparents’ week, Science Week, Maths Week, Literary Week and Sports Week. We also organise cultural excursions, welcome visitors and celebrate special times of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Carnival, La Castanyada and Halloween, among others. We finish off the school year with summer camps for each school year, adapted to each age group.