At Socrates Educa International School, we understand that the success of children and young people’s education lies in academic excellence, which is supported by our educational pillars. Growing up in an international and multilingual environment while developing important personal and social skills such as independence, coexistence, and companionship are the main advantages of the new Socrates Educa International Campus and its residence or boarding programmes.


Our Boarding programmes offer students who are geographically further away the possibility of attending school throughout the school year or for a specific period of time, becoming part of the Socrates Educa community. With these programmes, the entire school community is enriched as the premises of internationality and multilingualism are further reinforced and the life of the educational campus multiplies the benefits of an ideal environment for academic, social, recreational, and sports activities.

All this in an unbeatable environment in terms of geography, climate, safety, health, and culture!

Located at the heart of Costa Daurada and only 95 km from Barcelona, with quick and easy access to the AVE (high-speed train), Barcelona Airport, Reus, and Tarragona. It is a safe and pleasant environment with optimal weather and low urban pollution. There are plenty of leisure spaces, sports clubs, and specialised academies (football, tennis, golf, sailing, horse riding, paddle, mountains). Our educational facilities are new, modern, and highly sustainable according to different sustainability parameters.

Additionally, students can choose from two different accommodation options:

There are also two programme formats:

      Full-Time Boarding: Students stay in school full time for the entire week - from Monday to Sunday - for the duration of the school year, except during school holidays.

      Weekly Boarding: Students stay in school for weekdays - from Mondays to Fridays - but not at weekends or during school holidays. This format is designed for students who can go back home at weekends due to their proximity to the school and/or other reasons.

The programme duration for students aged 12 and above (compulsory secondary and Baccalaureate/IB) is:


      Half a school year

      Full school year (with the option to complete both years of Baccalaureate/IB).

  All academic programs can be combined with a large specialized offer of extracurricular activities (extra programs) and high performance Sports programs (academies):

Academies / Extra Programmes


This is a great academic, social, and cultural opportunity for students to live in a multilingual environment which integrates the three most spoken languages in the world: English, Chinese and Spanish. It is also an opportunity for students to learn how to develop their own independence and social skills while living in a safe and pleasant environment.


The online programmes allow students and their families to receive high-quality education online or in hybrid format from anywhere in the world and regardless of the student's lifestyle. In both cases, there is an option to enjoy our residential service (boarding)

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