Excellent facilities

Conceived by the architect Josep Benedito and the RQP studio, the Socrates Educa® International School is one of the country´s most modern schools whose design responds to the new pedagogical model that inspires it. It has been designed to hold up to 1,200 students in its 30,000 m2 of school grounds and more than 8,000 m2 of facilities, which include, in addition to classrooms, a canteen and kitchen areas, a library, study rooms, gym, the Forum, a versatile function room, the office and reception area, workshops, music laboratories, art, robotics, technology, biology, physics and chemistry, indoor and outdoor sports area, gardens and a vegetable patches. 

The building, which has been awarded the highest possible qualification in terms of sustainability, has rainwater collection to irrigate gardens and vegetable patches. The façade glass and the interior partition walls enable enjoying an abundance of natural light and warmth in winter, whereas smart blinds automatically track the sun, providing shade in summer. The freshness of the buildings is achieved with a set of windows that open at different heights to allow for healthy ventilation. Indoor spaces are flexible and adaptable, while unbuilt outdoor spaces, such as the garden and play areas, have a two-pronged aesthetic and pedagogical function.

The entire school is an educational space, which, in times of Covid-19, has enabled the school to operate almost as normal, with ventilation protocols, use of outdoor spaces, bubble groups and adapted transit areas, ensuring that the Socrates Educa® International School is a safe and healthy environment.