National Baccalaureate Results - Good News!

05-07-2022 12:58

We are pleased to communicate the good news that our BAT students (those studying the National Baccalaureate) have all passed the University entrance exams (PAU) and that our average score has improved significantly in 2022. We have achieved above the national average overall in the PAU grades as well as the average scores and the... read more

Solidarity night for scholarships and grants at the EIC

27-06-2022 17:37

On June 17th the EIC was the scene for the Fundació Escola Internacional del Camp awards and scholarships ceremony. Three scholarships were awarded for students and two for teachers. The Fruselva award to the student in Science, Technology and Mathematics went to Martin Jakovlev. The FEIC award for the Humanities went to Shagun Mayani.... read more

The EIC becomes the Socrates Educa International School

22-06-2022 12:33

At Escola Internacional del Camp we have embarked on a new phase of growth which will allow us to gain new skills and take advantage of new opportunities for the benefit of our students, the community and the educational project which we promote. This step towards the future actually comes from afar, but it is beginning to be visualized now with a... read more

Tribute to the original team which opened the school

22-06-2022 12:22

The team which opened the EIC 10 years ago, teachers and non-teachers, were recognition by the school for their career and, above all, for the effort and goodwill they invested in the project a decade ago to reach where we are today. It was a heartfelt tribute to thank them. They are the heroes and heroines who one day believed in the project... read more

EIC student project wins the 7th Audi Creativity Challenge

21-06-2022 12:39

The MossGo project to eliminate polluted air through the use of moss, developed by students from the Escola Internacional del Camp, has won the 7th Audi Creativity Challenge. The winning team competed in the final with schools from the communities of Aragón, Asturias, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia and the Basque Country. The ten... read more

SUMMER 2022 is already here!

17-05-2022 10:09

In EIC we are organising leisure time activities for children and teenagers from 1 year old in an international environment. For another edition, we are so proud to introduce you the wide range of programmes adaptable to each participant depending on their interests, age and goals:    Little Camp: leisure time educational... read more