10. What is the dining program?

10. What is the dining program?

The canteen is one of the school´s other very important educational spaces

Students may chose to eat here regularly or more sporadically. We offer different rates that adapt to each family´s needs. To offer the canteen service, we combine different high quality services:

The kitchen, run by an expert company that works exclusively on behalf of the Socrates Educa International School, is supervised by external and internal inspectors, offering a diet that is reviewed and overseen by our own in-house dietitian, and made with products purchased by the school. We control the entire process to serve healthy, attractive and tasty food, while, at the same time, instilling proper eating patterns to our students and educating them on trying a wide variety of foods.

The supervisors, who are also part of the school team, provide the necessary coverage to ensure that the canteen operation runs smoothly, as well as the associated leisure space.

The school´s dietitian and nutritionist not only oversees the menus, food quality and special diets, the role involves teaching students about food from an early age while, at the same time, addressing the doubts and needs of students or their families.

In the canteen, we not only strive to ensure that students learn how to eat properly and healthily, we also take the opportunity to work on local and international culture related aspects. Furthermore, we also have special diet options if required.