Erasmus + Programme: Partner visit from Grudziadz School, Poland

27-01-2022 09:17

The Erasmus+ Programme supports transnational student mobility and projects with partners across Europe. After preparation, planning and Covid precautions, a group of 34 students and teachers from Akademii Pilkarskiej Olimpii Grudziadz arrived here for a one week stay. We met each day and the students presented their towns and cultures, and focused on discussion topics affecting young people in the 21st century such as coping with success and failure, adapting to changing circumstances, physical well-being and healthy living, and online safety. Their school specializes in sports and they trained and participated in competitions at Futbol Salou, and thanks to Mr Tobias, we ran our own football tournament here in the EIC with mixed teams, an enthusiastic crowd, lots of goals and an excellent atmosphere. The multi nationality teams helped us to get to know each other and make some lasting friendships alongside winning, losing and enjoying time together in the spring sunshine.

The EIC pillar of Internationalism promotes understanding and curiosity as well as understanding our own identity and a sense of belonging to communities, so logically we are developing more Erasmus+ initiatives.