Extra Programmes

The Socrates Educa International School offer goes beyond the merely academic. For this reason, we offer our own students or students from other schools and/or countries the chance to join special programmes with different themes and timescales (weekdays, months, quarters...).

We designed the EXTRA PROGRAMMES with this in mind: activity programmes that combine academic and pedagogical courses with leisure and culture. These run at the end of the school year, they open the School to everyone to take advantage of the international and multilingual environment that the School and its educational campus provide, for the learning of languages combined with other experiences.

-      Winter Programs

-      Spring Programs

-      Summer Programs

In all cases, the students will combine the cultural and recreational/sports offer with the intensive learning of one or more languages (English, Spanish, Chinese). It is also possible to request "à la carte" programmes for groups or individuals.

If you are interested in these programmes, more information can be found here 

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