Scholarships and grants in the EIC

In its seventh year, the FEIC continues to work on behalf of the students who need it most by offering scholarships and grants and recognising the work done and thire talent through academic excellence awards. The grants are intended for EIC and non-EIC students who, with a good academic record and an important personal value, need additional support. The prizes for excellence aim to empower people who are developing every day by offering more to their environment, highlighting social values and solidarity, with a good academic record, with relevant educational merits, with a remarkable personal attitude and high social commitment.


Among FEIC's scholarships, awards and grants, there are two which students from outside the school can request:

  • Scholarship Sr. Esteve Blasi: Preferably designed for students outside the EIC finishing the 4th of ESO who have an economic limitation to attend these two years of pre-university studies and want to do it in the EIC, either in option of local BAT or IB. The scholarship, which is biannual, will cover the entire economic cost of a student during the two Baccalaureate courses.
  • Scholarships for ESO students: The FEIC promotes a set of scholarships (with full or partial coverage of the cost of schooling) to students who, coming from outside the EIC, want to pursue their studies and for which the economic condition may be, a priori, a limitation. Candidates must submit their application and petition to the FEIC before the end of July of each course.


The FEIC also works to help students at the school with other scholarships and awards:

  • Scholarship for excellence Sr. Joan Gumà: The scholarship is annual and awarded to the "most complete student" (academically and personally) of the school to cover the schooling of the next course.
  • Sòcrates Educa Awards:

                    -Sòcrates Educa Awards for a student in the scientific, technological or mathematical field: The participating students are students of ESO and 1st of BAT / IB of the EIC who present a detailed application, with a compilation of work and results which is assessed by the faculty together with their academic record.

                    -Sòcrates Educa Awards for teaching excellence (one focused on the scientific, technological or mathematical field and one focused on teaching practice in general): These awards promote and recognise the excellence of teaching activity in the school environment, focusing on educational innovation, the development of the Sòcrates Educa® project and the application of the 4 pillars of the school: internationality, new technologies, sustainability and values and service to the community.

  • FEIC aid fund: The Foundation works all year to obtain funds and allocates them in favour of students when a justified and appropriate case occurs, always anonymously and confidentially. An important source of income for these grants is donations from private companies and institutions, but also the collection that takes place at the charity dinner of the Nit del Mecenatge FEIC, which each year is held at the EIC facilities and welcomes the educational community in general and special guests for the occasion.


All those interested, either as a donor or as a candidate, may request information by contacting the EIC Administration or via e-mail at



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