First EIC Exhibition of Robotics

ESO1 and ESO2 students are warming up for the First EIC Exhibition of Robotics, in preparation for the international challenge of the First LEGO League (FLL)During this first term the students have been designing, building, testing and programming robots using Lego Mindstorms technology: investigating and solving the same challenges as scientists today, applying the concepts of mathematics and science in real life and developing skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication.

In this First EIC Exhibition, ESO1 and ESO2 students will defend their projects before a panel and must demonstrate in practice the outcome of their work. On Friday 16th December (from 10.00 to 13.00) we will be able to see, enjoy and encourage our Secondary young entrepreneurs from Secondary ... We hope to see you there!

Featured News
The EIC raised 1,675€ for La Marató de TV3 by participating in various initiatives. Through the Mútua General de Catalunya, 683 origami (paper cranes) were made in the campaign 1 origami = 1 euro, which raised 683€ for infectious diseases research, the theme of this year's of TV3. We also raised 992€ through the NON UNIFORM DAY campaign. This was on December 1st and it was organised by the Senior...
Last Wednesday December 13th, all Pre-school student from P1 to P5, celebrated Christmas lunch at school, accompanied by the classroom teachers and the lunchtime supervisors, a tradition that started six years ago.   The lunch was in the EIC Sports Hall and children had a great time. For dessert, there were also the traditional chocolate nougat.
Last Saturday December 2nd, the EIC presented its new volleyball section, a new sports club for our region set up in an education context, integrating and strengthening the territory from the Fundació Escola Internacional del Camp promoting the project. This new section of the EIC will be a sports club of reference in our buildings, open to everyone from the youngest age, either from the school...