ESO3 and ESO4 EIC students visit Poblet i Santes Creus

Friday 17, February ESO 3 and ESO 4 students visited two of the most important monasteries   of the Cistercian Route: Poblet and Santes Creus.

It has been fascinating to go back into the Medieval Ages and to imagine ourselves living as the monks at that time. Following the "Rule of Sant Benet" with its rigorous and strict 73 rules, we have been into the different departments of the monastery: ‘ora et labora’, ‘refectorium’, ‘sala capitular’ ... became words of our knowledge already.

Now we know the adventures of the kings Jaume I, Pere II the Great or Jaume II and his wife, the queen Blanca d'Anjou ... main characters of the history of Catalunya ...

Nice visit and nice weather, having lunch in ‘La Albereda’!

 And…did you know that Pere II the Great was buried into a bath!?

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