EIC Online Forum, 3rd event: 'The impact of Covid on the Law'

On March 25th, we will hold the third pedagogical and cultural talk. In this talk, Àlex Llevat Felius, Patron of FEIC and partner of the Roca Junyent Lawyers will be the main speaker. Mr Llevat is a lawyer specialised in commercial and corporate advice to national and international companies. He is secretary of the board of directors of several companies, both industrial and holding companies. "The impact of Covid on the Law" is the title of this session, which aims to publicise how urgent laws are passed in an emergency health situation, which issues are regulated as a priority and which relevant changes have occurred during this pandemic.

As in the two previous talks, attendees will be able to ask questions, and sending them in advance. Mr Llevat will aim to cover these areas in his reflections. The presentation will begin at 5:30 pm as usual.

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