The EIC took part again this year in the First Lego League in Reus on February 3rd and that this year worked on the use and consumption of water. Two teams from the school took part. One of them was students from ESO (Secondary) who were working with this topic in their Technology lessons and, after doing a micro competition, they were chosen to form a team of 12 students between 4 classes. This team is called Water Dragons. The second group was formed by students from Primary 4 who wanted to participate in this competition and they did the activity as an extracurricular with two students from Primary 2. This was the Water Warriors group.

The Water Dragons made an interactive game with sensors and an App to help families to reduce the high consumption of water in a fun way. The Water Warriors did a project to reuse water in the school through an addition to the plumbing system, adding the use of rainwater collection and a capacitor, also taking into account the watering system for the garden.

This year was the 7th First Lego League. Participation in this event means that students have to defend their own scientific project and manage their team, learning processes which will help them when they leave school, both at College or University and in their working lives. First Lego League is an American foundation which aims to promote scientific vocations through this tournament, and robots from the Lego brand are used exclusively.

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