The EIC celebrates the Chinese New Year

The EIC celebrated the "Visibly Chinese New Year Week" from January 8th to 12th. A.K.A. Spring Festival (春节Chūn Jié), it is one of the biggest
traditional Chinese festivals, celebrated amongst the Chinese around the world.
This year, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it fell on 12th February.
Most of the CNY (Chinese New Year) activities took place in  Chinese lessons for Primary 3-6, ESO and IB classes. The activities included CNY related language, CNY decorations (Chinese couplets, lanterns…), CNY songs/music (Primary), CNY food research (ESO1, 3 and 4), CNY Chinese couplets & lucky phrases (ESO2), Chinese Food video projects (ESO3, 4 and IB1).
Chinese twists were also worked on in the classes: cross-curricular activities in subjects such as Art, English, PE and History in Secondary. In the mornings, the students were able to listen to Chinese music and the dining room menu was also Chinese-inspired.

And of course, we had a huge dragon!

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