The EIC with the Amics Joan Petit Foundation

The Joan Petit Foundation raised more than 56,000 euros in Joan Petit Reus 2019, an event which includes a charity roller hockey tournament that is held every year in a different venue, and repeated its celebration last year in the main town of the Baix Camp area. Our school took part in this project and we are very proud of it. Last year, during Sports Week, the EIC ran different activities, including a talk about the foundation, the presentation of the giant Joan Petit, sports & games related to roller hockey and a voluntary donation promoted by the Student Council.
Joan Petit is the name that the foundation adopetd as a result of the experience of some parents with their young son's cancer. Joan was a child who liked to play roller hockey and suffered from this disease. Despite his intense struggle, cancer took him away. As a tribute to Joan and all the children who fight or have fought against this disease, the Amics Joan Petit Foundation annually organizes a big party for all its participants to have fun playing roller hockey, to raise awareness of the foundation's struggle for childhood cancer research and to raise funds for this campaign.

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