Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, traditionally called 'Spring Festival (Chun Jie )' is taking place this year between 25th January and 15th February. At EIC, the only international school in Southern Catalunya that delivers Chinese curriculum, we have done some fantastic, fun and educational activities: 

Primary: we have explored some celebration songs and learn about Year of the Rat and traditional decorations. 

Secondary: we have learned about Chinese New Year foods, tradional decorations with students' creativity, Chinese calligraphy. 

There have been some nice displays around both primary and secondary classrooms. In addition, Miss Angie Li (at Primary) and Mr Elliot Hsiao-Williams (from Secondary) have been compiling some of the students' art work in the Reception area for display. 


Featured News
The teachers and staff of the Escola Internacional del Camp responded quickly and, facing the imminent period of confinement and before the students went home on March 12th, they received training to be able to attend school online during this period. Our system which covers all students from P1 to BAT (also those preparing for Selectivitat and IB exams), has been working with routine and rigour...
Although the registration processes in public schools has been stopped, in the EIC the process is always open, all year, permanently. That is why we now continue to offer interested families a contact point to request information about the education they require and to arrange online interviews with the corresponding managers. This way, families can continue their search and information process...
As part of the distance learning process that we have set up during this period of confinement, the Escola Internacional del Camp seeks to maintain the sense of community and to ensure that students from P1 to BAT do not lose the perspective of school, classmates, group and belonging. That is why we have created a new space on our website where you can see different information and activities...