Careers and Guidance week at the EIC

The EIC University Fair, which has been held for five years, has had to take a break this year due to COVID-19 measures. To support to students in their future planning, the school has organized a variety of talks and guidance workshops for students from ESO 3 to Baccalaureate 2.

ESO3 students will take part in the activity “Towards the Baccalaureate and beyond” and will also be able to listen to the experiences of innovative entrepreneurs, “Being born into a company and moving it forward” (Mr. Antoni Pedrola) and “If you believe, you create” (Audicrea).

ESO4 students will take part in the activities “Get to know yourself” (Ángeles Martos) and “A day in the life of ...” (URL-Blanquerna). They will also take part in Audicrea’s sessions “If you believe, you create” and “The First Day at University” (URL-Blanquerna).

The students in the 1st year Baccalaureate and IB Diploma Programme will join the workshops “I am a Member of Parliament” (Parliament of Catalonia) and “A day in the life of...” (URL-Blanquerna). They will also take part in the session “Learning online:an opportunity” (UOC).

The 2nd year Baccalaureate and IBDP students will join the workshops “A day in the life of ...” (URL-Blanquerna) and will take part in the session “Learning online: an opportunity” (UOC). The school will also start their pre-registration process for the PAU and PAP tests.

Finally, the EIC has just confirmed the participation of other well known innovative entrepreneurs who will share their experiences with students.

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