Big response for the EIC Open Day
The Open Day last Saturday at the Escola International del Camp was a great success, with a high level of attendance for all ages, taking the chance to to see first hand the educational project of this school, how it runs, the enrolment process and more.  
The day began at 10am and lasted until 1pm. Participants visited the facilities of the school, areas of Pre School Education, Primary, Secondary and BAT/IB, and also visited specialist areas such as Science Laboratories, the Music Room, the Art Department ...
The presentation was introduced by the management team of the EIC, but teachers, students and families of the school also spoke, sharing their experiences and impressions. This is an innovative formula, designed to help new families who may be planning to change school or choose their child's first school, meeting those who have already gone through this process, who enjoy day to day life in the EIC sharing their honest views and answering visitors' questions.
Open doors, transparency and direct communication are features of the educational model of the EIC and its organisation. This pedagogical model, Socrates Educa, lays emphasis on internationality, languages ​and the integration of new technologies, work and community values ​​and sustainability. These pillars of our educational project came across clearly at the Open Day.
The registration process at the Escola Internacional del Camp is open all year. 
For more information, please contact Mar Gispert: email or phone 977 325 620.
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