5.000 euros for ‘La Marató de TV3’

The EIC has once again collaborated with “La Marató de TV3” and this year we managed to raise almost 5,000 euros: with the 1 origami campaign = 1 euro we raised 3,900 euros and with our Non Uniform Day we collected 1,073.19 euros more. “La Marató de TV3” is a charity project promoted by Catalonia Television and the TV3 Foundation which aims to raise funds to help research into diseases which have not yet been cured and increase awareness in society about the existence of these diseases. At school we had a talk on the subject and on this year's focus, minority diseases. Currently, there are about 7,000 rare diseases and they affect 5 people in 10,000. In Catalonia, 400,000 people suffer from these diseases.


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The attached files contain an article about the Escola Internacional del Camp published in "El Vallenc" and "Més Ebre" advertisement. Escola Internacional