1st Volleyball Campus Gens Brothers in Andorra (Information and Registration at the end of the text)
This year we will offer you the 1st Volleyball Campus Gens Brothers in Andorra, a week at the wonderful facilities of Naturlandia, 7 days and 6 nights from 15 to 27 July. Each day we will go to  Le Lycée sports facilities with the team of Marta and Jordi Gens. We will have also a surprise day which we will dedicate to the natural environment and the area with the specialist monitors from Naturlandia, click on the link where you can find out all about level 1600 where we will be based.

Come to learn volleyball, enjoy nature and make friends through sport!
This activity is aimed at children from 10 years of age from everywhere. We are waiting for you!

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The attached files contain an article about the Escola Internacional del Camp published in "El Vallenc" and "Més Ebre" advertisement. Escola Internacional